About Us

Trojan Club of Beach Cities, or TCBC as it is affectionately called, is a group of high-energy Trojans of all ages that gather socially to have fun and support USC Athletics. The TCBC is famous for its pre and post-game home football tailgates outside of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In addition, events such as its annual Wine Tasting Party, Summer Beach Bash and Cabo San Lucas President’s Weekend Getaway continue to make it one of the most popular clubs within the USC community

An extension of the USC Athletics Department, regional Trojan Clubs such as Beach Cities exist to provide an opportunity for all Athletics Support Group Members and friends of USC to share in the excitement of USC Athletics in their community. While each regional Club has its own identity, the mission of all Clubs is to generate school spirit and build overall enthusiasm for the USC Athletics Department.

Please help USC Athletics and the coaching staff by joining the Trojan Club or any other USC Athletics Support Group. You will not only be added to our Beach Cities mailing list for all of our regional activities and tailgate parties, but you will also be automatically invited to many premier Athletics Department events such as Salute to Troy, Trojan Huddle and the Coaches Tour. The gift is tax deductible and you will be mailed a gift receipt from USC.


This “Trojan Club” was conceived in 30 year ago (August 1984) by a small group of enthusiastic Trojans who resided along the coast of the South Bay.  In 1984, the Manhattan Beach Trojan Club was born and while over the years we have undergone several name changes, we have remained true to our roots….enthusiastic Trojan Football fans that live or love the beach and love tailgating.

It was at a dinner at CJ Brett’s restaurant in Manhattan Beach hosted by USC Associate Athletic Director, Ron Orr.  The idea for a new Trojan Club serving the South Bay was discussed and there was consensus to proceed to unofficially, then officially form the organization.   Jack Tingley was the founding President, and the founding Board of Directors consistent of: Jack Tingley, Phil Callahan, Candy Duncan, Cameron Smith, Debbie Legan, Nancy Whittaker, Jeff Webb, George Reppicci, Nancy Muller, Tom Nathan, and Phyllisann Maguire.  NOTABLE:  Candy Duncan has served on the Board for the entire 30 years, and served as President for 10 years.

A logo was created featuring Tommy Trojan holding a surfboard with his foot placed on a volleyball – our logo today closely resembles the original.

The “mission” of the MBTC was to gather local Trojan alumni at local bars and restaurants for a “happy hour” style event.  Hor dourves and drinks before and after a noted USC speaker was our original platform for raising funds for the Athletic Department.   We expanded to events to include Wine Tastings, Holiday Parties, Coaches Events and Spring Parties on the Manhattan Beach Strand.

While all of our events have been great fun over the years, it was our Football Game Tailgates that became our most popular, and thereby, our most successful form of fundraising. In the beginning, we simply purchased a one (1) keg of beer and several bottles of wine and set-up a canopy on Christmas Tree lane in front of the Coliseum.  It was a “bring your own food” and a $5 donation for the beer and wine.  With some success at our grass roots, we soon retained the services of Jim ‘Obradovich (original owner of O.B.’s restaurant) who agreed to provide an RV (parked on Coliseum Dr.) with food, beer and wine for a $20 donation.  Once we were officially recognized by the University a “Athletic Support Organization”, we were provided with a Tailgate location between gates 28 and 29A.

Over the years, we have grown and had as many as 741 Tailgaters at a Notre Dame game event.  And, while our numbers continue to grow, our space has become smaller due to the relocation of the Coliseum perimeter fence by 14’ (moved outward) four years ago.

That brings us to today, as we start the 2014 Tailgate Season in a new space flexible layout options adjacent to the building housing the Space Shuttle Endeavour, next the California Science Center.

What remains a constant today and going forward is that this organization will be guided by our collective desire to make our TCBC Tailgates the place to meet before and after the games for all Trojan Clubs. We have fun, meet & make new friends and raise funds for the Athletic Department.   And because we are proud of our organization, we also sell merchandise with our logo consisting of t-shirts, hoodies, rain gear, cups and baseball caps.

While we certainly started out small, it is important to point out that as a result of your loyal patronage, we have donated in excess of $500,000 to the Athletic Department (1984 – 2014) over the course of the past 30 years.

We typically donate funds to the following Men’s & Women’s USC teams:

  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Tennis

But over the years we have participated in several one-time requests for support, including financing multiple national championship rings, a Football Player Locker inside the McKay Center and a bleacher section inside the Swim and Diving Stadium.

Also notable is the fact that the Board of Directors does not receive compensation for their volunteer efforts related to TCBC, nor are we offered any discounts at the events themselves.   We are simply motivated to create memorable club and tailgating experiences and by the fact that if we are successful, we position ourselves to donate funds and support our Athletic Department.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Trojan Club of Beach Cities, let us first thank you for your loyal support over the years and welcome you if you are joining us for the first time.